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Pet Adoption.

Adopting a pet can be exciting and rewarding. However, if you are not prepared and make a poor choice, the situation may be much more problematic than enjoyable. Returning a pet is often not a viable option so. Thus, make sure you choose wisely and are ready for the responsibility. Before bringing home your new "family member" consider at least the following. Where you live and whom you live with. Discuss your new pet with everyone at home, especially children. Let everyone have input into what pet you choose. Be aware if anyone has allergies, and how they will be affected. Prepare for the impact an animal will have on your family. If you have children there are a number of considerations. A very large dog may be too big for your child, and your child may be too big for a very small dog or cat. Situations can occur between puppies and children due to accidental behaviors by either party. Tail or fur pulling, or play biting are rarely intended to be harmful, but can cause grief nonetheless. Make sure the size and activity level of your pet is appropriate for your living situation. An energetic puppy can be overwhelming especially if you live in a small apartment, or lack an area where he can exercise. Realize the commitment of time and money. Pets need care and attention, not just food and water. Schedule time for your pet. With a little planning potential problems can be avoided so that pet adoption may be a fun and rewarding experience.



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