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Adoption Oversights.

There are few common mistakes people make when choosing a pet, particularly if it’s their first. In most cases it can be easy to miss a potential problem, but taking the time to consider the different aspects that come with adopting a pet can be a big benefit in the long run. Probably the most common mistake pet owners make in choosing a pet is not considering the energy level of the pet they are adopting. This is most common for people who adopt high energy dogs such as Labradors or other sporting dogs. While they are extremely cute, sweet, and friendly they can also be a handful. If they don’t receive plenty of attention and exercise they often develop behavior problems due to pent up energy. Barking, digging, and chewing are common problems that can occur. They’re great running, hiking and exercising partners, but if the owner isn’t high energy or has a very busy life, a lower energy pet may be a better fit. Second, size and space is another important consideration. Essentially, most pets bigger than a cat or toy dog will need a yard or some space outdoors where they can play and exercise. The amount of space needed will depend both on size and energy level, but be aware that medium/small dogs may need as much space as some big dogs for play and exercise. Finally, temperament can also be critical. This is particularly true for families with young children. There are numerous dogs that are great with kids, but it is worth researching different breeds first. Some pets are simply less tolerant of the accidental fur or tail pulling that can occur when little kids are around. Also, some dogs are easier to train than others and some are more social than others, both of which may be important to a particular owner.




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