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Senior Dog Adoption: A fine choice.

A cute little puppy with a nice wiggly tail and two sad eyes is the main choice for most people when the time comes for adopting a house pet. They should consider however the many benefits of giving a home to a senior dog.

A puppy will more often than not require a lot of maintenance because there are so many details in its upbringing. Raising a puppy can prove to be a stressful event to people that are known to have a smaller degree of patience. A puppy will have to be trained to perform every single task from not peeing on your carpet to not chewing your shoes or leaving hair all over the furniture. While one may find your shoes to be chewed at times, through training the dog it will learn to respect the leash, obey commands and this way the positive aspects of his personality will be reinforced and his bad habits will disappear making your time together even more fun. This process is usually quicker and simplified when adopting an adult dog.

You will come to love a shelter dog if you choose to make an investment in life by offering the dog another chance to have a happy one. The dog has been a loyal of companions for man along the course of history. A shelter dog or a homeless puppy needs as much love as any other dog, perhaps you will find it to be even more loyal and happy because it will appreciate the love you offer even more. With time and some constant training they will evolve into the perfect man loving trusted and loyal friend you have always wanted to have.

Senior dogs will take less of your time, in terms of having to train and supervise it on a daily basis. The level of stimulation and physical exercise needed by an adult dog will be less demanding than the one of a young puppy. You will have to offer the dog your attention and love but this task won't be a 24/7 job of you keeping track of it and checking to see if your house possessions are still in one piece.

The senior dog will prove to be the right companion for you whether you are enjoying a quiet moment and relaxing at home, talking a walk alongside a river, jogging in the park or resting in a chair on your porch during summer watching fireflies glow. An older dog will choose an afternoon sleep session over a running through muddy terrain to chase his tail or playing around in your yard all the time.

Senior dogs are excellent for keeping your property safe because they are constantly on the watch. Such a canine will ensure your property, now its home will be protected and he will guard it to the best of his abilities and keep you as his master from harm. Dogs see the man as the leader of the pack and act in this manner to protect you in any situation to prevent any danger, and defend you to their last breath if the situation calls for it. The will ward off intruders and with their loud barking will scare any thieves bent on raiding your property regardless of how ferocious or big your dogs are.

Older canines have more patience when they are around children because they already be familiar with how to behave near your kids. A young puppy will need supervision much like your children. You shouldn't leave the dog unsupervised around your kids at any time because regardless of their breed, age or size the dog remains an animal and its nature is unpredictable at times. Animals may feel threatened and this may lead to unwanted harmful situations for people around them.

Whether the dog you will choose to adopt is a young pup or a senior dog you will need to dedicate your time and attention to loving and caring for it, create a special place that he may consider as home and ensure that your life time buddy is taken care off especially towards the final years of life.

Content written by Deb Smith of Oh My Dog Supplies, check out our complete collection of orthopedic dog beds online.




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