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Home Alone.

It is important for pet owners to prepare for when they will be away from home for any length of time. The first step is to recognize the level of care and attention your pet will need when alone. Some dogs, particularly high energy dogs, are notorious for causing problems when alone. They are often prone to separation anxiety; and may have difficulty even handling their owner spending the day at work. In contrast, some cats are unfazed when their owner spends a night away from home. However, some needs are common to all pets.


In looking after your pets’ basic needs clearly they will need food and water and access to either a litter box or outdoor area on a regular basis. If you are away long enough that any of these needs can’t be met then seek assistance for your pet’s care. Cat owners have an advantage in this area as cats tend to be more self-sufficient. Using automatic or self-feeders allows food to be available for a couple days. Also automatic litter boxes can help too. When going away, putting down an extra litter box is wise particularly for multiple cat households. While cat owners have more leeway than dog owners, it is not a good idea to leave a cat alone more than a day or two maximum. For both dog and cat owners, pet sitters can be an excellent option. This allows a pet to stay in surroundings that they are comfortable while providing them with the regular care and attention that they need. They can also be a good option for people who work long hours and have a high energy dog or pet with specific needs. Similarly dog walkers can be quite helpful too. This can help your pet release energy, receive some much desired attention and reduce the risk of problematic behaviors such as barking, chewing or digging that is typical of dogs with separation anxiety.


Besides the basic care considerations there are some things that can be done to help pets adjust when you are away. Most pets will miss their owners. Whether one decides to have their pet cared for at home or a kennel an item such as a blanket with your scent on it can help them feel more comfortable. If a pet is staying at a kennel or place other than home let them have favorite items with them such as toys or beds as this also can provide extra comfort. Familiarizing your pet with the people taking care of them prior to leaving can also help them feel more at ease. Choosing who will provide your pet’s care is of the utmost importance. Check references and look into the type and quality of care that your pet will receive. If someone is coming to your home, have a back up such as a neighbor or family member who can check in and make sure thing goes smoothly. This helps protect your pet in case of any unforeseen problems. Make sure any one who cares for your pet has full information about your pet, and how to contact you and your vet. While pets handle being alone differently good care can make a world of difference in how they adjust to their time alone.



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