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Most pet owners don’t need to be told to pay attention to their pets. However, the benefits of spending time with ones pet may not always be obvious. There have actually been studies that show that people experience health benefits when they pet their animals. Stress levels decrease, blood pressure goes down, and pet owners tend to be in better health than non-pet owners. For both cats and dogs human contact and attention is vital. At the most basic level pets learn how to interact with people and it helps socialize them. Dog are social animals, they see their owner as a member of their pack and the attention they receive from their owner is not only crucial in forming appropriate behavior, but is key to their happiness. Dogs long for the attention provided by their owner. While cats don’t have the same social structure as dogs, human contact is also vital to their development and happiness. Even shy pets benefit from human contact. It may take longer for them to warm up, and they may not be trusting of stranger, yet typically contact with their owner helps them feel more connected and secure. Frequent contact can also help pets stay healthy as owners are more likely to see early signs of a health problem. Early detection in the case of numerous health problems can lead to a quicker and easier cure or treatment. Exercise is an important form of attention that can benefit both pets and people. This can come from play, or a walk, or numerous other activities that one can engages in with a pet. For dog owners exercise can be mutually beneficial as pet and person who walk, jog, or play together both experience the health benefits of that exercise. Playtime can be particularly important for indoor pets. Keeping cats indoors is a great way to protect them from numerous outdoor hazards, yet they will likely need some extra play and exercise as indoor pets are likely to be less active unless some activities are created for them. Finally, contact between pet and owner is the basis for the bond between the two. Both benefit from this contact, and typically it is one of the best parts of having a pet.




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