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Bringing Home Your New Baby

When bringing a baby home from the hospital preparing your pet for the new member of the family is an important task. Dogs will often see the baby as a new member of its pack. Being the newest member the dog may also see it as the lowest ranking member. Cats don't have the same pack instinct so they may ignore the baby all together. Their biggest issue tends to be when a child pesters or mistreats them. It is wise to let your pet examine the baby's room and any smells it will associate with the baby before he/she is brought home. However, the pet shouldn't be let in the baby's room after the room is occupied. If you have a very close bond with your pet it may become depressed if it feels neglected. Spending extra time with your pet during this period of time may help alleviate some of its anxiety. Because of the pack tendencies of dogs you should watch for any signs of aggression or bad behavior and correct them immediately. However, do not punish the dog for it may create ill will towards the child. For dogs raised around children, most of the time, this process will be relatively easy.



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