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Great Big & Small.

Dogs range greatly in size. Thus along with other important attributes choosing a large or small dog deserves special considerations. The basics; are you and your family too big for this dog, or is this dog too big for this family? The smallest of dogs need some extra protection as they are more susceptible to injury. It’s often best, if young children are around, not to choose the smallest size dog as they may not be able to withstand a collision with a toddler. Conversely, large dogs even when well intentioned, can knock over small children, or may overpower an owner when excited by a cat, a child, or other passerby.

Large dogs considerable space is needed, room to eat, sleep, and exercise. Even owners with enough room may be surprised by the amount of room taken up not only by the dog itself, but by its bowls, bedding, and toys. Conversely, small dogs are often good apartment dogs, as they take up little space and need less room to exercise, however, if choosing a ‘lap dog’ be aware that they may become quite dependant on their owner. This varies from breed to breed and dog to dog, but is more common among the smaller breeds. Similarly, small dogs often need some extra protection. Most large and medium size dogs can spend some time outdoors in secure spot alone this isn’t always possible for the smallest breeds. Large dogs have more logistic issues. Not only do they take up more room, but they eat more, trips can be difficult if your vehicle isn’t equally large. Containment can be more challenging. Personality of both large and small dogs should be considered prior to adoption as this is a key factor of a happy match. This varies from breed to breed. While small dogs sometimes have the reputation of being hyper, this is more of a terrier trait than a small dog trait. There are a number of gentle demeanor large dogs such as the Great Dane and the St. Bernard. Fortunately, there are a range of dogs. For many a medium small dog, or a medium large dog fits both in size and personality, while others find the perfect tiny or gigantic dog, while others pick a cat.



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