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Helping a Bored Dog.

Keeping a dog entertained and engaged is good for dog and owner alike. Not only will your dog be happier, but he will generally exhibit better behavior. Dogs that are bored or lonely are prone to exhibit annoying or destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, digging, or chewing. High energy dogs are especially likely to act out if not given attention and exercise. Dogs are social animals and need regular interaction with people. Plus this is much of the fun of being a dog owner. Interacting with your pet either for grooming, or for play, or for a walk, or simply to pat him is increases the bond between pet and owner, and is an actual need for ones pet. If a dog is left alone in the yard most of the time he will be lonely, which can translate to anxiety or obsessive behaviors such as barking or digging. For high energy pets, like labs and other sporting dogs, they crave attention, interaction, and physically need more exercise than most other dogs. As people often can’t spend all their time with their pet, providing other ways for dogs to stay active and engaged when alone is helpful. For some a favorite toy fits the bill keeping them entertained for hours. However, many dogs will need more variety, challenge, and exercise. Providing a place to dig or run, toys that are challenging, or areas that can be explored will help a dog keep his mind and body active which makes for a happier pet.

If looking for additional activities to do with your dog there are a good number things fun for pet and owner. Take your dog to a new place for a walk or hike (though it is wise to check in advance about an area’s dog policy). For some dogs like Golden Retrievers a trip to a lake or other swimming hole is as good as it gets. There are also organized sports for dogs. Agility is one of the most common, a competition where a dog runs a timed obstacle course. Flyball is a sport played by teams of dogs. These activities are great not only for exercise, but as an opportunity for dogs to interact with other dogs and people. The possibilities for added activity and entertainment are practically endless. The more you do with your dog the happier you are both likely to be.



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