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Animal Lovers Have an Abundance of Career Choices.

By Paula Fitzsimmons

Lots of people -- and you may be one of them -- would like a career involving animals. For one reason or another, they put their dreams aside, often in the belief that their choices are limited. Veterinarian and zookeeper are two of the animal-related professions that often come to mind. But not everyone has the desire to go through over four years of grueling veterinary training, or to compete with large numbers of overqualified applicants for the privilege of cleaning zoo poop.

So what if you are still determined to base your career around animals? Don’t despair. Here are just a handful of alternative professions that just might suit your interests and abilities.

1. Grant Writer. Many nonprofits – such as shelters, conservation and animal
welfare organizations – rely heavily on outside funding to stay afloat. As a grant
writer, your challenge would be to write proposals that generate income for your

2. Boarding Service. Offer basic services, or create a four-star resort where your
clients are treated like royalty. You can even create a specialty niche, such as
boarding cats, birds or horses.

3. Massage Therapist. We humans are not the only ones who can benefit from
therapeutic massage. With the proper training, you might be able to find work in
a variety of settings, including veterinary hospitals, pet daycare facilities and
private practices.

4. Lobbyist. If you are assertive and articulate, you might want to consider becoming
a lobbyist. Conservation and animal welfare groups need passionate people who
can persuade lawmakers to side with their platforms.

5. Veterinary Informatics Specialist. This is a relatively new specialized computer
field. You might be responsible for developing software programs used by
veterinarians, educators and pharmacists.

For additional information about animal-related careers and the 105 Careers for Animal Lovers booklet, please visit Paula Fitzsimmons online at

Paula Fitzsimmons
" There are (at least!) 105 career paths for animal lovers. Where do you fit in?"



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