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Basic Dog Care and Grooming.

Good care entails regular examinations as well as grooming. Examining your pet includes an inspection of your dog's coat. See if it is dry, matted, or has bald spots. Check skin for discoloration, dryness, injury, or rash. Examine ears for excess wax, redness, or discharge, and look for discharge, debris, or fur in their eyes. Check paws for debris, ingrown hair, cuts, and infections. Finally, check the pet's tail for injuries. This basic once over before grooming will help maintain your dog's good health.

Dogs require different amounts of grooming depending on the breed. Brushing helps distribute the oils in your dog's coat and keeps his fur clean and free of debris. Brushing is critical to preventing matted fur that may lead to painful skin problems. Bathing your dog is also necessary. Frequency of bathing depends on the type of dog, but important for your dog's health. Keep in mind, dogs requiring a fair amount of grooming may need professional help.



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