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Cat Behavior

Cat behavior can be confusing, but a some understanding could help you interpret your cats actions. Cats tend to be solitary animals and like spending some time on their own. Providing them with a box in an out of the way area will give them a retreat to spend time. Also it gives them a safe place to sleep, which they will do a lot of. Cats are predators by nature, and need an outlet for this. They don't have to actually hunt, but they need a toy or something that it is OK to play with. Cats are naturally clean animals. If they use a litter box don't place it near their food area because this contradicts their clean nature. Place it somewhere out of the way for privacy. Finally, cats need to scratch their claws. This behavior keeps their claws short and sharp and signals to other cats where they have been. If they are not given something to scratch, such as a scratching post, they are likely to scratch your couch or your rug or anywhere they see fit. If you keep these cues in mind your cat's behavior may make more sense to you.



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