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Cat Breeds.

While it is less common to have a purebred cat than a purebred dog, there are some breeds that are fairly common in the U.S...


Persians are a popular distinctive breed of cat. Long flowing fur and a round flat face are its hallmark. Their long fur requires an indoor setting and frequent care. Persians have a short broad body and thick short legs, and come in a variety of colors. They generally prefer a quiet secure home, are affectionate, and have a gentle temperament. Persians are a great cat for people who want to spend quiet time with an affectionate, gentle, stylish pet.


The Ragdoll is a large gentle cat. Its fur is long and extremely soft and rabbit-like. This makes them easier to groom than most long haired cats. Thus, they rarely develop mats. They come in four different colors and are pointed (have different coloring around the ears, face, tail, and feet) and have big beautiful blue eyes. They were originally bred as a cross of a Persian and Birman, and eventually Burmese. They are a low energy cat that isn’t very vocal. They love people and their Ragdoll name fits them in appearance and personality.


American Shorthairs are fairly common. They often feature tabby patterns and can be found in a variety of different colors. Typically good with children and dogs, the American Shorthair makes a great family pet. A sturdy medium to large size cat with a good personality has helped keep the American Shorthair a popular breed.


Maine Coons cats are a big, durable, lovable breed of cat. Considered a native cat breed of Maine, and the state cat, they are suited for the rough climate and terrain of the area. They have thick coats and big paws, and some reach up to 20 lbs. They are an easy going breed that enjoys people, but is not overly dependant. They typically aren’t lap cats, but will usually spend most of its time near their owner, and they love to play. Many Maine Coons often learn to fetch and enjoy the water. They are good with kids, dogs, and families. Some consider the Maine Coon a good compromise when deciding to whether to have a dog or a cat.


Siamese are the ultimate people cats. They insist on being involved in their owner’s life. They have a distinctive meow that they use frequently to chat with their owner. They are smart and friendly. They are one of the most commonly recognized breeds of cat with their sleek slender body. The seal point coloring, being the most common, is a light tan coat with brown points. They do come in other, typically light, colors. They are named after the region where they originated, Siam now Thailand. While purebred Siamese are not extremely common, cross bred Siamese are. People looking for a cat to be actively engaged with and a strong personality will enjoy the Siamese.



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