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Cat in Cars.

Having to take your cat for a car ride in many cases can be quite unpleasant. While a cat can experience motion sickness, for most cats they simply hate the car. The noise, the movement, and the confusion surrounding the ride is simply too much. Many cats spend the entire ride howling to escape. The first consideration in riding with cats is safety, yours and theirs. A carrier is commonly needed to keep a cat off the gas pedal, the steering wheel, or your head. They may hate the carrier too, but most likely it is worth the struggle to get kitty in the box. While most cats don’t like car rides, the extent of their anxiety can very greatly. Some, while not happy, accept their journey, others have a virtual melt down, and some don’t mind the car that much at all. Help is particularly needed for cats showing physical sign of stress such as shaking, vomiting, or hyperventilating. If your cat is the one experiencing serious distress there are a couple things that can help. First, try acclimating your cat to the car prior to the needed ride. Put him in the car, give him food and treats then bring him back inside. Once he adjusts to this, then try doing it again this time also start the engine, if needed follow this with a short ride. Some of the anxiety is likely to dissipate as your cat realizes that he is safe and secure in the car. If he is still seriously stressed there are herbal remedies that help pets relax, and in severe cases your vet may even prescribe medication to ease your cat’s nerves. While your cat may never enjoy a car ride, helping him adjust can make the ride much more bearable for both of you.



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