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Fighting like Cats and Dogs.

Introducing a new dog or a cat can be a real challenge. With a little patience, however, a dog and cat can often coexist peacefully and even become friends. When acquiring a new dog or cat it is a good idea to research the breed and personality of the pet to see if they are likely to get along with another specie. In particular, some dog breeds tend to be aggressive hunters and are not the best choice to have with a cat. There are also some more aggressive cat breeds that can be difficult too. When introducing the new housemates doing it gradually and giving them each plenty of space is key. If your dog or puppy is excitable, keeping him on a leash is wise. An over excited puppy will often receive a swipe across the nose from a freighted cat. A leash is also helpful in teaching a dog that chasing the cat is not acceptable, and that calmness and restraint is praised. Puppies often need protection too because they don't realize the potential of being hurt by a cat, and often lack the self-control of an older dog.

Giving a separate area for both pets is helpful. This is particularly true for cats that need a spot where they feel safe. It also allows both pets to adapt to each other at their own speed. Keeping separate feeding areas is also helpful and reduces potential conflict. Also make sure both receive plenty of attention so that they both feel secure and don't feel like they are in competition with each other.

With time if they are growing accustomed to each other, encourage them to play in the presence of the other. This will help them relax and accept the other one better. While these steps help there is a good share of luck involved too. Some cats and dogs become great friends with little intervention on their owner's part, while in some cases tolerance of one another is as good as it gets.



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