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Cat Eyes.

Cat eyesight has developed to assist in the hunting process. As with the human eyes, cat's eyes are on the front of the head and are binocular so they can see in 3D. A cat's vision is much less acute than human and colors are less vivid for a cat. Cats are nearsighted. Their eyes are excellent at detecting movement, but not detail. One of the more remarkable characteristics of cat vision is their ability to see at night. While cats can't see in total darkness, they need only one sixth the amount of light than a human to see. This is one of the reasons for the dramatic difference in eye shape. A cat's pupil can dilate three times larger than the human eye allowing in more light. Also cats have reflective cells behind the retina that amplify the light that comes the eye. This is why when a flash picture is taken of a cat; the eyes often appear to be glowing. All these features help cats hunt at night. While a cat's vision isn't the strongest, it is developed (in a way that along with its whiskers and strong sense of smell) to provide a key element for survival.

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