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Signs of a Healthy Cat.

A cat's health is often evident from their appearance and actions. Cats should exhibit good balance; a problem with their equilibrium or the way they are walking may indicate a problem. A cat's coat should be clean and smooth. A rough or dry coat could signify a nutritional problem. Bald spots or wounds are another unhealthy sign. Cat's are excellent self-groomers and a bald spot is a health concern. Fleas present another problem. Cats get fleas when they have worms. Active cats are usually healthy cats. While some cats are simply inactive, if your cat's normal activity level declines, this could indicate a bigger issue. Kittens, in particular, should be active. The eyes, ears, nose, and mouth also provide clues as to a cat's health. Your cat should have clean clear shiny eyes and, if the inner eyelid is showing, this can be a sign of stress. A cat's ears should be pink and clean. Ear mites and ear infections are fairly common problems for cats. This is evident by a crusty black build-up, or a discharge from the ear; often accompanied by the excessive shaking of the head or pawing at the ear. A cat's nose should be velvety to the touch and, while it can be moist, it shouldn't be wet. When checking your cat's mouth, it should be pink and clean. Bad breath is another unhealthy sign. Your cat should have strong white teeth without odor. Periodic dental care for a cat is recommended. If your cat is drooling or not grooming itself, this is likely an oral problem. Finally, a cat's rear should be clean, if not, it may have a digestive problem. Recognizing indicators can help a cat owner keep their cat healthy. The earlier a health problem is detected the more effective the treatment and the happier your cat will be.



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