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Cat Myths and Superstitions.

It seems unlikely that there is another animal alive that has been the source of so many superstitions and myths as the cat. Cats have been worshipped as gods and reviled as devils. Cats have been considered both good luck and bad. These myths are still believed by some today. For instance, cats won’t ‘steal a babies breath’, yet this is still a popular belief among many. Cat’s eyes have been the spark for many myths. It’s often believed even today that cat’s eyes project light at night. This would be quite a trick, but in actuality light is reflecting from an inner layer of the eye. Since their eyes are so unique, at times people believed they were connected with the devil, which is why at Halloween witches and cats are such a popular pair. Unfortunately, during medieval times cats suffered the same fate as many ‘witches’, as feared partners of the devil. Surely cats would prefer to remind their owners of ancient Egypt when they were worshipped as gods. During these times cats were so sacred that when they did die they often received a burial fitting a pharaoh. Many myths don’t take on the serious nature of being connected with gods or devils, but border more on the silly or the absurd. For instance, if a cat sneezes on a brides wedding day she will live happily ever after, or putting butter on a cat’s feet will keep them from getting lost. It’s hard to know where these myths came from. Others such as a cat having nine lives is a bit easier to understand. The remarkable physical abilities of cats most certainly lead to this myth. Fortunately, many of the myths about cats today are recognized as simply that. However, there still is a category of myth/misunderstanding about cats that should be cleared up. First, cats don’t need to drink cows milk. In many cases it will actually cause them gastric distress. Female cats don’t need to have a litter before they are fixed. Cats are not all loners, while generally more independent than dogs most cats have a very strong desire for companionship. Cats don’t always land on their feet, a cat’s physical well-being and safety should be given some thought as they can’t always bounce back the way some people expect them to. Cats are a wonderfully unique animal. Fortunately, most people now see them as such, and don’t buy into the absurd stories created to explain their distinctive characteristics.



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