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Cat Play.

Play is an important part of a cat’s day. Play helps a cat stay active and healthy, and it is a natural outlet for their hunting instincts. There are a few things to keep in mind that can make play better for both you and your cat. One of the most common problems owners have with their playful cat is that the cat becomes too aggressive and may bite or scratch them in the course of playing. This is most commonly results from being taught to play this way as a kitten. When playing with a kitten aggressively as their claws and teeth aren’t that painful or damaging, yet hey start to see fingers and hands as toys. Then it stops being cute when the kitten grows up becomes stronger and a more adept player/hunter. Cats need to be taught what appropriate play is. Stop playing with your cat and leave them alone if they are acting aggressive. Typically they mean no harm so if their playmate leaves they start to learn boundaries. The type of toy you use to play with them can also have an effect. If a cat is batting at a toy in their owner’s hand it is not uncommon for them to miss and accidentally scratch the person instead. If you use toys on a string or wand toys that can protect hands. Also toys that cats chase and bat around such as balls or most any small object can also keep fingers and hands safe. Another solution often used when cats scratch furniture or other items are caps that go on their claws which keep claws from causing damage or pain. These may be a wise choice if small children are in the house as this can protect against accidental scratches.

The other thing to keep in mind is keeping your cat safe. Cats often make items around the house their toys. This isn’t always safe. Be particularly aware of string or string-like objects such as elastics. These items can be very enticing to a cat yet also dangerous. If a cat swallows string or yarn it can cause a blockage, wrap around their tongue, or cause other significant health problems. Also don’t give them tiny toys that they could swallow. Cats are often very happy with very simple toys like a cardboard box, or a wadded up piece of tin foil. Everyone will have more fun if both pets and people are safe.





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