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Common Cat Behavior Problems.

There are a few common problems that cat owners often experience. The three types of problem that are most common for cats have to do either with their social behavior, litter box issues, and scratching furniture or other undesirable objects. Social problems can often be the most confusing and can be somewhat difficult to remedy. The main reason for the confusion is that cats’ personalities can vary greatly. Some are very outgoing and social while others are quite shy. Also cats tend to be territorial, but again to varying degrees. If the social issue is a cat / human issue there first needs to be some understanding of your cat’s personality. A shy cat can’t forced to be social, there needs to be some understanding of cats that hide from children or other people. One of the best ways to help a cat be social is to make sure that as a kitten it is handled, petted, and played with. Also be aware that if a cat is allowed to play aggressively (bite or claw) as a kitten that cat will most likely play aggressively as an adult when it is no longer cute. If the problem is a cat to cat issue one of the best solutions is to let them each have their own space. Cats are territorial and some will become upset at the intrusion of another. If the cats (particularly the angry cat) can be given a space away from the other that typically will help soothe him and give the two cats some time to resolve their issues, as normally these problems are resolve themselves with time.

One of the more undesirable cat problems is litter box problems. The most common reason for a cat not use their box is that it isn’t clean. Some cats are very particular about this, which requires changing the litter more often than one might think necessary. However, cats can also be particular about the type of box they use, or sharing their box. Some cats prefer a covered box while others will only use an uncovered box. It is often recommended that there be one more litter box than cats in the house as some cats won’t share and are extremely picky. Also, be aware that if a cat goes somewhere other than his litter box it is extremely important to clean that spot with an odor removing cleaner as the smell will draw them back to that spot.

Finally the problem that most every cat owner will experience at some point is unwanted scratching. Scratching can’t be eliminated; it is a natural cat behavior that is necessary for removing the overgrown layers of a cat’s claws. However, scratching can be redirected. Providing scratching posts or boards in the different rooms that your cat uses gives a place where his scratching can be redirected. Using a spray bottle to deter your cat from scratching unwanted areas, then encouraging the use of the scratching post in its place is often effective. It takes some time for training, but cats often end up preferring to scratch their post instead of your curtains.




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