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The Sleeping Cat.

Cats are known for sleeping much of the day. There is a tendency for cats to be either full of energy or asleep. This is due to their predatory nature. In the wild they would need bursts of energy to hunt, but have less need for endurance. Cats have a high level of brain activity while they sleep which allows them to wake up quickly helping to protect themselves.

Cats are usually night hunters too, which is why your cat may wake you in the morning well before your alarm goes off. Though this can also result from a cat’s adaptation to human schedule. If a cat’s human companion is gone for much of the day he will often sleep leaving him plenty of energy for the middle of the night. This problem can be helped if one plays with their cat, in essence wearing him out before bed.

Cats often seek out a warm cozy place to sleep; many prefer to curl up in a bed or box that is tucked away. However, on hot days you are much more likely to find your cat sprawled out on the coolest part of the floor. It is normal for cats to twitch a little when they sleep. It is also believed that a cat won’t sleep in front of a person unless they completely trust that individual. Sleep is an important part of a cat’s life, and a well-rested cat is often a happy cat.



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