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Tell Tail Signs.

Cats express them selves through a variety of mean. One of the clearest indicators of mood is a cat’s tail. A cat’s tail is a means to make contact with others or a way to ask for food. Most people recognize the big sweeping tail wag as sign of an angry cat, but there are also several more subtle signals a cat can send with its tail. A raised tail indicates happiness. While a cat may be annoyed when their tails is flicking back and forth, a twitching tail usually shows excitement or curiosity. An upwards-curved tail can also indicate a curious cat. A fearful cat will puff his tail out. This is often accompanied by the arching of the back and a sideward turn to show everyone how big and threatening they are. Cats, like dogs, show submission by holding their tail between their legs. Observing your cat’s tail movements will often give you a good clue to their mood.



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