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Pet Claw Care.

Pets' claws should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks, although indoor pets may need more frequent attention. Animals claws wear down naturally through normal activity, but cats and dogs; especially when kept indoors, often need them trimmed more often as they are not as active and generally walk on softer surfaces than their undomesticated counterparts. Cats in particular may try to remedy this problem by sharpening their claws on the curtains, couch or carpet. When a dog's claws are too long you may hear them click as they walk across a hard surfaced floor. This is a sign to pay attention. Long claws are more prone to infection. Overgrown claws can be the source of painful paw injuries for cats and dogs. A claw can snag something or even crack in some cases, resulting in a very painful wound.

It is best to start holding and touching your pets paws when they are young so they adjust to having their paws handled. This will help them become accustomed to having their nails clipped. Some pets, however, won't adjust. In such cases, try clipping only one nail at a time. In difficult situations consider having a groomer or vet do the trimming. When trimming cat claws, squeeze the paw lightly to expose the claw and carefully clip off only the very point of the nail. When trimming a dog's claw clip the point where the nail starts to curve down. With both dogs and cats make sure not to trim too far back. Trimming to little is much better than trimming too much. If the quick, the living part of the nail, is clipped the nail can bleed and become very sore. If the nail begins to bleed clean the nail thoroughly and wrap the paw lightly with gauze. If bleeding does not stop within a few minutes contact your vet.

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