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Cats, Doors, and Couches.

My two cats, Marvin and Jake, are great pets; fun personalities, active, healthy, good natured cats. However, they each have a trait that I find irritating. Marvin’s annoying habit is opening doors. He is disgusted by closed doors. When I come home in the afternoon I typically have several doors to shut. He shows little interest in what is inside the closets that he opens, yet can’t resist swatting a closed door open as he passes. While being somewhat irritated by all the open doors, I’m also somewhat impressed with his door opening skills. The cabinets and one closet with a door that doesn’t latch well don’t present much of a challenge. Yet he shows little difficulty swatting most any door and popping it open, even if latched. For a challenge, Marvin will work on a folding closet door. This takes more effort as it has to be pulled outward at the center, but after a minute or so this door is open too. Sliding closet doors he is less fond of. These require more power to be opened and he doesn’t bother with them. Yet if they are not fully closed one or two cats will be inside quickly. Marvin will also try to open the outside doors too. While he has the right idea, unless he grows thumbs, I believe these doors are safe.

Jake’s annoying habit is common for many pet owners. Jake collects toys under the couch. I’m unsure if it is intentional as I think many simply are shot under there in the midst of playing. One of the more irritating aspects of this is that Jake considers my pens and pencils toys. As I have come to learn from cleaning out under the couch bottle caps, twist ties, tin foil, and even an apple with his teeth marks all over it are also ‘toys’. Any doodad that most would consider trash he sees as a toy. Periodically or whenever I can’t find anything to write with, I move the couch or slide a broom underneath it, and find Jake’s treasure. Jake is thrilled by this as he has hit the toy jackpot. Not only does he find a felt mouse and ball with bell, but pen caps, paper clips and more. His happiness fades when I throw out the pieces of trash that he considers toys. However, he takes this better than when I throw a box away, which to him is the ultimate toy. Overall I have it pretty good, their personalities and ability to make me laugh easily outweigh any minor inconvenience.




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