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The Benefit of Dog Crates & Cages.

Many times people see keeping a dog in a crate or cage as mean. Conversely, dogs usually love their crates. Dogs have a natural instinct to find a den. This is apparent with dogs that hide or sleep under the tables, beds, or other enclosed spaces. Crates set up with a bed or padding, toys, treats, and food is like a luxury apartment for a dog. If used properly a crate can be beneficial to everyone. As a puppy a crate can keep contained and prevent destruction while the owner is out or unable to supervise the puppy. Also, it helps contain the potential for messes being made during the house breaking process. Crates can assist with travel as their ‘home’ is being taken with them which can relieve anxiety. Also, there is the obvious benefit of keep your dog contained in your vehicle while driving or in other potentially hazardous travel situations. However, be aware that it can be overdone. If a dog stays in a crate during the day, spending the night in the crate can often be too much time cooped up. Dogs are social animals so striking the right balance of time in and out of the crate can be important. Dogs react differently to crate training some take to it quickly while others may take longer to train. While crates aren’t a cure all, they can be beneficial to both dog and owner.

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