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Effectively Crate Training Your Dog

A crate is a safe place where you could keep your dog at night, especially when you are traveling as this prevents any serious injury done to your dog in case of accidents. But it is important that your dog gets crate trained. Crate training could take time and a lot of effort but it will all be worth it once your dog is trained. Here are some steps you can follow for effective crate training.


First is to introduce your dog to the crate. When doing this, be sure the door is open so your dog will not hit it or be frightened by it. Make sure you have provided comfortable beddings with a piece or two of your dog's favorite toys inside.


Call your dog over showing him the crate. You have to be enthusiastic so he would feel that what you are introducing him a good thing. You can let the dog in by showing him a treat then placing it near the door of the crate. This could help him put his head in while trying to get the treat. When he is able to do this without reluctance, you can place another piece a little further. Keep doing this until the dog willingly gets inside the crate and get his treat.


You have to train your dog to eat inside the crate and make him stay inside closed. You can place the bowl of dog food in the back of his crate then close the door when he starts to eat then open it once he's done eating. On the next day you can keep the crate closed for one minute or two when your dog has finished eating. Keep extending the time the door is closed until your dog is able to stay inside the crate for 30 minutes at the most. Do not let your dog out at once when he starts whining. You have to wait until he quiets.


The next thing for you to do is to make the dog get used to being inside the crate whenever you are not around. Start by teaching your dog some command you will use whenever you want him inside his crate. Give him a treat the moment he enters the crate. Then close the door then sit quietly inside the room for some time then leave and do not enter yet until another couple of minutes. When you get in, sit by the crate for a few minutes then open the door.


Gradually lengthen the time you are away from the room until the dog is able to remain quiet while inside the crate for a longer period of time like half an hour to an hour. Be sure to have his toys to play with inside the crate. You may now leave your house for short periods of time and start leaving your dog in his crate during the night.


When you exercise and take your dog out to pee or to bathroom before crating him at night will help your dog remain inside peacefully all throughout the night.


It takes a little patience to completely crate train your dog but it is all worth it when you see your dog finally go into his crate voluntarily to sleep at night.



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