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Little Known Dangers.

There are several pet safety concerns that can be easily overlooked. Keeping them in mind can help prevent potential problems. I recently experienced one of these problems with my cat Jake. While sitting at a window, he became overly excited by some birds that landed in a nearby tree and went through the screen and out the window. Fortunately, he caught himself on the overhang and I was able to pull him in. I didn’t consider the potential for birds to entice him out this window, as he normally sits in another window calmly. Small animals can prove to be too much excitement for many pets. Whether it is a cat popping out a window screen to get to a bird, a dog busting through a screen door to chase a squirrel, or a dog on a leash that drags their owner across the park as they pursue another dog, many pets that are typically well-behaved will lose control when they have the opportunity to chase a small animal or another pet. Recognizing this potential problem allows pet owners to take precautions to keep pets better contained or restrained. This also helps eliminate the headache of trying to retrieve a pet that is pursuit of another animal.

A risk that particularly affects cats is that they can pick dangerous spots to hide or to curl up and sleep. For instance, recliners can be dangerous for cats as they can crawl underneath for a nice sheltered place to sleep and end up being hurt by the mechanism of the chair. There are a variety of spots particularly in garages and attics that cats can crawl into that can be quite dangerous. While it can be tough to track a cat’s movements throughout a house blocking the most dangerous spots can help. Small dogs can also experience some of these risks too, and even larger dogs can occasionally get themselves into spots that are hazardous. One shared risk pets experience is their need to keep paws and tails clear of rocking chairs.

Another problem typically effecting dogs more than cats is that they sometimes eat things they are not supposed to. Bones are one of the most common things that dogs eat that can cause them problems. Anything sharp, like the jagged edge of a broken chicken bone, has the potential to cause tears in the stomach or intestines. Also if a bone is swallowed whole it could cause an obstruction which is also quite dangerous. Similarly swallowing fabric can cause an obstruction, which puppies are particularly prone to do. Eating items that have either gone bad or are toxic obviously can cause serious problems too. Getting into the trash can cause stomach distress and is often the source digestive issues. For cats eating certain household plants is a more typical problem for them. A common yet important warning for all pet owners is to keep antifreeze out of the range of pets as many animals are attracted to the taste yet it is extremely toxic. In the case of digestive problems contact a vet as soon as the problem is evident, as rapid treatment is crucial. Some awareness of these lesser known risks can help prevent potential problems.



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