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Dog Days of Summer

During the summer months keeping your pup cool is an important task. The normal temperature for a dog is approximately 101. While in many cases a dog's thermoregulatory system keeps them cool, certain dogs have a harder time maintaining an appropriate temperature. In particular, dogs with a thick coat, overweight dogs, and dogs with a short nasal passage or 'pug nose', have a harder time keeping cool. To prevent overheating and especially heat stoke you should keep your dog in a well-ventilated, cool, shaded area. Confinement in unventilated spaces such as a car even for a short period of time can create serious problems for the dog. Always leave plenty of cool water for your dog to drink. He not only needs the water to keep hydrated, but a dog keeps its self cool through his tongue (panting). Also moderate your dog's exercise during hot and humid days. The first signs of heat stroke are relentless panting, and the mucous membranes in the mouth turn dry and dark red. If your dog displays these symptoms hose him down with cool water and bring him to a vet immediately. Obviously, it is better to keep your dog cool than try to treat him for this serious medical condition.



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