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Destructive Chewing - Your Dog Is Trying To Tell You Something!

For many years, man has domesticated dogs. We have brought them into our civilization and, in most cases, expected them to act as people and to be a part of our families. We should understand that fact that, in so doing, we have seeded some of our own emotions in our dogs. Dogs have learned from us to become jealous, nervous, spiteful, hateful, and bored.

In teenage dogs, between the ages of six to sixteen months, we see that these emotions cannot be handled as easily as the same emotions in adult canines. The same can be exhibited by a human teenager's incapability of exercising mature restraint when affected by the same emotions.

Can You Spare a quarter of an hour?

Most commonly, the cause of chronic chewing is boredom, and if every canine owner would spend some more time each day giving his attention and affection to his dog, much of the "boredom chewing" can be stopped. Fifteen minutes a day is all it takes, it's just that easy!

The Spiteful Champ

Spite, another precipitating factor, should also be pondered. A story about a twenty-month old Boxer would be a great example in this area. Ever since he was young, this Boxer had been an "only child" to a master who showered him with lots of love and attention. The dog went along with them everywhere. He would walk happily and loved tagging along with his parents.

Then, a human baby had arrived and things were not the same. The dog found himself left in the car during trips. On one occasion, mom and dad returned to the auto only to find the entire interior completely ruined! The car seats, the padded dashboard, the upholstery, all chewed up into shreds, totally obliterated. The Boxer dog was showing his anger the only way he knew how. This is a case of spiteful chewing, not jealousy. The canine was not jealous of the baby in the family, but he was unwilling to give up his position in the family and go back to just being a dog.

Replace The Target

Next time you catch your dog chewing a sock, shoe, or other object that he's not allowed, take the thing away from him, followed by a strong "No!" The item should be replaced with his own chew toy. The toy will take his mind off the object that he was chewing and won't make him think that you are taking something away from him.

And should your life suddenly change, while altering your dog's life in addition (like having a new baby in the house), like the Boxer up above, be sure to pay attention to the new schedule and adjust your focus to avoid your dog's destructive chewing. Your pet will need a little extra care and training to prevent such behavior and to settle in with the new changes.

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