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Digger Dog

Is you dog a digger? Has your flower garden disappeared? Digging is a natural behavior for dogs, but frequently a problem for people. In the wild digging is used to prepare a warm place to rest in the winter and clear a cool spot in the summer. Dogs with a strong hunting instinct are prone to excessive digging, as they may try to go after a small animal even if there isn’t one to go after. Many dogs will dig to bury a bone or other object. A dog may dig to escape an enclosure, or because he wants to be with his owner or other people or animals that are nearby. However, digging can be excessive and destructive. Since it is a natural behavior for dogs it can be difficult to stop. However, there are things that can help. Giving your dog a spot where it is okay to dig can be a good compromise. Praising him for digging in this location and even burying a treat for him in this spot often helps redirect the behavior. Some digging can also be a result of separation anxiety. As a social animal, some dogs develop significant anxiety if left alone for extended periods of time. In this case having a dog walker or pet sitter visit may solve your problem. Digging is a common trait of high-energy dogs too. Digging becomes a form of exercise. If possible give your dog extra exercise, or more space to run. Finally, if your dog is digging to escape, or frequently sees things such as other animals that excite him, blocking his view of freedom may help. Also, doggy doors may reduce a dog’s digging temptation.



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