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Are You Supporting Your Dog's Barking Habit Without Even Knowing It?

Ecessive dog barking is often an attempt of a pet to reach out for additional attention. Constant barking is often an issue affiliated with loneliness. Loneliness is a common source of behavior problems, as dogs actually need attention.


When a dog’s motivation is loneliness, then barking is just a way of seeking attention. To the dog, it basically doesn’t matter what kind of attention he receives. He needs attention and this is how he seeks it.

Discipline Gone Awry


Providing attention when a dog barks is a huge mistake pet owners make as this reinforces the behavior. For instance, if your dog is barking at 4:00 am non-stop, many dog owners will place their dogs into the house so that they stop barking. In reality this only adds fuel to the burning fire.


In fact, you can guarantee a repeat performance the next night, as he gets what he wants - attention, and a trip inside the house. Your dog will learns that, by barking, you will show up and give him attention. Do reward bad behavior or you will only make the problem worse.


Dog's Learn By Results


Some dog owners develop bad habits. As a result, their pets develop those bad habits too. For example, some a dog owners place a treat such as a dog biscuit in front of a dog every single time the dog barks incessantly. They do this in order to quiet their pets without realizing that they are only encouraging them. In the mind of the dog, if he barks he will get attention and a great tasting dog treat.


The best thing to do is to avoid encouraging your dog at all expense. For many dogs if there is no reward associated with barking, then barking is pointless and they are far more likely to stop. Combined with providing a dog with plenty of attention when they are behaving properly, many times problematic barking can be greatly reduced.


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