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Dog Breath.

Many dog owners complain about their dog’s bad breath. Fortunately there is a way to improve bad breath. Good dental hygiene is both good for your pet and helps with bad breath. Bad breath is often a result of a dental problem. If this could be the case it's important that your dog have his teeth checked. A cavity or gum disease can be treated by a vet, but can be painful and problematic if not treated. Brushing your dog's teeth is a great way to help bad breath and prevent dental problems.

There are different types of brushes for pets such as finger brushes and even a child's toothbrush can be used. Other items that aid bad dog breath are rope toys that act as floss helping to keep gums and teeth clean. Also, there are a variety of treats and 'breath mints' made especially for dogs. Also, there is special toothpaste for dogs. Don't use human toothpaste it can be harmful to a dog. Some vets also recommend having a dog's teeth professionally cleaned. This can be quite a process, as a dog will need anesthesia for this. However, it can be worth it especially for dogs with chronic dental problems. A good dental plan helps keep your dog healthy and happy and chases that annoying bad breath away.

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