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Dog or Cat?

There are some people who are dog people, and some people who are cat people, and they would never consider adopting the other specie. However, upon closer examination there can be some overlap in the typical personality traits of these animals. While a cat is a cat and a dog is a dog, there are a number of pets that have some qualities that may be typically attributed to the other specie. My cats are good examples of this. My cat Marvin is all cat. Obsessed with being clean, initially shy, independent minded, agile and light on his feet he fits the ‘cat stereotype’ to a tee. However, my cat Jake’s personality often fits that of a Golden Retriever better than that of a cat. He loves to play fetch and is persistent in getting his toy thrown. Like many dogs he can be faked out; if I pretend to throw he’ll go bounding off in search of his toy. Physically he is sturdy and more powerful than graceful. While Marvin leaps with ease and style, Jake thumps the floor when he lands, and makes a racket when he runs. Jake is also affectionate like a dog. He wants everyone’s full attention and takes no time at all to warm up to new people. Typically, when I come home I’m met by Jake belly up waiting for his tummy to be rubbed. A much more dog-like greeting than Marvin’s strut and rub greeting.

The point of showing Jake’s dog like characteristics is that there can be a range of traits and this can be helpful to know prior to adoption. Marvin and Jake were both rescues so their personalities were basically the luck of the draw. However, if certain traits are desired often one can research a pet to match those characteristics to create a better fit to ones lifestyle. For instance, Maine Coon cats are known as something of a compromise between a cat and dog. They are typically, large, rugged, social and playful. With dogs one may want a dog that is a little more cat-like than average. A lower energy, more independent dog can often fit that bill. Be aware that the care needed for a cat and dog varies much less as each specie has fairly set health and maintenance needs. Dogs will generally require more day to day care as they typically require more food maintenance, grooming, and exercise. However, also be aware that while cats are more self-sufficient they need regular care and attention too. Whether you choose a cat, a dog, or both, some consideration of potential traits may be of assistance in the long run.






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