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Dogs and Children.

When choosing a dog some breeds are better suited for families with children than others. Dogs with a calm and tolerant personality are, not surprisingly, better suited for children. While this rules out some dog breeds, it leaves a wide variety of great family dogs from which to choose.

In looking at considerations, one of the first is size. This includes the size of the children as well as the size of the dog. It is generally recommended that adult weight of a family dog be over 15 pounds. This is for the dog's safety. Even well intentioned kids can trip over a dog or play a little to roughly with a dog of that size. Nonetheless, a couple of smaller, yet sturdy, dogs that are good with kids are Welsh Corgis and Pugs. On the other extreme very large dogs such as a Newfoundland or a Saint Bernard, while they have excellent personalities and love children, may be too big; especially with small children who may be accidentally stepped on or knocked over.

Activity level is another important consideration. Breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and Beagles make great family dogs, but require a lot of exercise. They are a great dog for an active family that will spend plenty of time playing and/or exercising with them. If they don't receive the exercise they physically require, they are more likely to develop behavior problems such as excessive chewing or barking. If your family isn't so active, a breed such as a Bassett Hound may be a better fit. Bassett's enjoy playing with children, but require somewhat less exercise.

Individual traits may also be a consideration when selecting a new dog. For example, Boxers are great family dogs that often view themselves as the family protector. Collies and Golden Retrievers get along great with kids too, but require a more grooming than other breeds. It is also wise to introduce children to the new dog before adoption to help ensure they will be compatible. While there is no guarantee a certain type of dog will get along well with children, there is a wide range of dog breeds (many more than mentioned here) that are known for being excellent family dogs.



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