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Specific Dog Grooming Problems

Dog grooming is no easy feat. You must know your tools in order to get the job done quickly and safely. Groomers of all skill levels must face dogs with certain grooming issues. You must know the dog's problem in order to safely groom the pet.


Puppy Grooming Problems


Bathing puppies can be a challenge; they are hard to hold on to and can move much like an earthworm. They can wriggle right out of your grasp.


Make grooming a pleasant experience for your puppy. You are going to want them to be groomed again so it should be an enjoyable experience. Here are a few tips the help you groom your puppy.


• Don’t force the dog. You want the dog to be relaxed and not freaked out. Make this a positive experience from the start.

• When cutting hair around the face and eyes use blunt scissors. This will keep that crazy puppy safe and calm around the sound of snipping.


• Use tearless shampoo because it’s easy for your puppy to fling some soap on their eyes or nose.


• Give plenty of praise and bribe your dog to stay in the tub.


Grooming Obese Dogs


Grooming obese dogs can be tough. A dog that weighs too much can not stand on unstable or slippery surfaces. Take your time with the dog and allow plenty of time for rest.


There are considerations when you are grooming an obese dog.


• be careful with sensitive areas on the dog. The elbows and belly may be sore from laying.

• Obese dogs can slip in the tub and hurt themselves. Use a rubber mat or a towel to give your dog some grip.


• Make sure you know all the dogs medical conditions. Obese dogs can have weaker hearts and lungs

• Avoid too much pressure on the joints.


• Take care you are not stressing the heart and lungs.


• When clipping an obese dog, always try to trim the nails short. You should also remove the hair between the paw pads. This will give the animal more traction


Dogs With Medical Conditions


Dogs can have a variety of health problems. You need to treat them with care. Many small breed dogs suffer from a condition referred to as collapsed trachea. It becomes worse when they are excited. In order to decrease the chance of this happening you must take time. When using the grooming loop put it around the dogs neck as well as one arm…this will help the dog from choking itself if it resists.


Dogs with seizures will need the most caution. Certain breeds are prone to seizures but be sure you know if a specific pet is prone. If the dog you are grooming has seizure, please don’t panic.


• Remain calm.


• Make sure the animal is in no danger of falling or drowning.


• Speak calmly to the dog.


• Do not interfere unless the animal will harm itself.


• Move things away from the mouth.


• Wait for the seizure to pass.


Grooming is a skill to be gained. It is not as easy as many think. Some days it will be easy quick cuts but sometimes you are challenged with something unforeseeable.

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