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Changing Your Dog's Diet for Good Nutrition

If you decide to adopt a dog, you may assume that all needs to be done to feed him is to pick up a can of dog food from the supermarket, throw it in a dish and serve it to your canine pal. But to keep your dog in good health requires a little more attention to what he eats. Here is some advice to help you give your four-legged friend the best food he can get. He can then lead a good, healthy life.


Tip 1. Don't Feed Your Dog the Same Food for too Long
Over feeding your dog one particular brand of dog food isn't a good idea because it means you are giving your dog too much of the same ingredients. Hence, vary the food you buy your dog from time to time. Even changing just the flavor of food can help your dog avoid picking up deficiencies in any areas.


Tip 2. When Changing Dog Food, Choose Carefully
That being said, you should be cautious not to go from one food to the next too rapidly. Make it a gradual process. Take a bit of the new food and mix it into the current food your dog is having to get him used to it and slowly up the ratio until your canine is consuming only the new product. It might take several weeks to get to this stage. However, always take it steadily so that you keep you can maintain your dog’s condition.


Tip 3. Keep an Eye on any Side-Effects
Observe any changes in your dog as you introduce new food. Taking into account the dogs fur and skin. Do they look normal? Has your dog been as energetic as usual? Has he lost his appetite? Keep an eye out for any such problems and if you find them, you should perhaps go with another kind of dog food. If the effects are major, then take your dog to the vet. Sticking with quality foods is always a good choice.


Tip 4. Think About Adding Supplements to Your Dog's Diet
It might also be a good idea to think about the use of other supplements to see that your dog gets all the vitamins he needs since dog food can lack some of the key nutrients your dog needs. Dogs with skin conditions are often found to be lack Omega 3 fatty acids in their diet.


While it isn't required that your pet's diet be changed, it can be helpful in providing good nutrition. Be particularly careful if you think you dog may have food allergies. If this is the case consult your vet, and they will help you select a quality food for your dogs health.

Content written by Erica Marshall of Oh My Dog Supplies, where you can find a fantastic assortment of dog apparel online.



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