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Dogs Parks – Dog Playground.

Some of the best US dog parks can be found in both rural communities and major cities in New York, California, and Florida.


Cedar Lane Dog Park: Best Dog Park for Hosting Social Events


All dog parks have a fantastic atmosphere, but the Cedar Lane Dog Park is known for its social setting. While the dogs can play and run around, their owners can also socialize over hot coffee, tea, and muffins, all served by the facility.


Even regulars take pleasure in a winter stroll on Christmas morning. Now that is commitment! There are lots of other social activities scheduled every month. There is an annual swimming contest along with games and competitions for dogs and owners alike. You can find Cedar Lane Park located at 235 Cedar Lane, Ossining, N.Y.


Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park: Best Amenities for Dog Owners


If you are visiting California with your dog, take a day trip to the Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park. This incredible facility is not only known for its dog attractions, but is also well noted for its amenities for dog owners.


After a day of playing in the mud and swimming, your dog can visit the local dog washing center, which is on the grounds. In need of new dog equipment or treats? Visit the doggie store and retail shop inside the park.


Need a snack after watching your dog? Point Isabel also has plenty of concessions for humans at the Mudpuppy's Sit & Stay Cafe. And don't worry about your dog, the cafe also caters to pet cuisine that is both satisfying and healthy. You can find the Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Dog Park located at 1 Isabel St., Richmond, California.


Bark Park, Inside Snyder Park: Best Safety In Mind For Troubled Times


Of the 700+ dog parks throughout the United States, we found one special facility that makes safety the #1 priority. Dogs will be dogs, and fracas are bound to occur between canines.


It happens when you least expect it. Owners rush to the fight and try to tear their dogs apart. But, scuffles mark the end of play time, and someone can get hurt.


But what if there were a dog park that had an on-site monitor whose only job was watch for bad behavior? This exists and can be found at the Bark Park, inside of Snyder Park, in Florida. The cost for such a safety measure is covered by a small annual membership fee. Bark Park can be found at 3299 S.W. 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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