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Dog Training - You And Your Pet

Many people don't realize that they need to be trained on how to train their dog. Bonding with your dog and learn about his/her personality traits will help greatly during training. When training your dog, it is very important to establish that you are leader.

It's best a dog owner start off training a dog when young. However, you can also train older dogs. Persistence and patience are critical in dog training. Dogs tend to feel more comfortable with a consistent schedule where they know what to expect. When you don't schedule a consistent routine, training results may be less consistent too.

Training a dog can be difficult, and you may want to consider hiring a dog trainer. Even with a dog trainer, you will still need to learn how to handle your dog. Make sure you do your research on the trainer and their business. Ask your friends, family, and/or neighbors for recommendations. The internet can also be a good resource. Make certain that the dog trainer you select is licensed or certified, and ask him or her for client recommendations. Don’t hire a dog trainer solely because they offer the cheapest price in town - quality matters.

Whether you use a trainer or go it alone, keep in mind your dog's basic needs. A dog needs to be able to behave appropriately around other people and pets. They need to know how to 'come' and 'sit,' and they need to know how to walk on a leash. These are the core commands that will help keep your pet safe. Other commands can be very useful too, but the most basic training is for the safety and well being of your pet and the people around him.

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