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High Energy and/or Demanding Pets.

Behavior problems with pets may arise when the pet requires more exercise and/or attention than its owner is Ďable to provide.í A petís need for exercise and attention isnít something that can be trained away. The easiest way to avoid problems is to understand how much time and energy you can devote to a pet and find a pet that is a good lifestyle match.

It should be expected that for the first year, at least, most puppies would demand a lot of attention and exercise. Providing time for training and exercise is very important, since if left attended, dogs may exhibit symptoms include barking, digging, chewing or other destructive traits. It can take some dogs up to two years to mature and settle down into an adult routine.

There are particular breeds that tend to require more attention and exercise than others. Sporting dogs such as Labrador Retrievers are particularly well known as high-energy dogs. There are plenty of breeds that arenít nearly as active and energetic as sporting dogs. If one doesnít want to or isnít able to partake in walking, running, or active play, a lower energy dog may be a wise choice.

While this is usually less of a problem with cats, litter box problems and destructive behavior can occur if a cat is not receiving sufficient attention. Understanding that all pets require a certain amount of time and attention can help avoid potential problems.

For pet owners who donít have the time or energy for their exuberant pet there are some solutions. Pet sitters, dog walkers, doggy day care, or even a friendly neighbor can help dramatically improve these situations. If your pet has to spend extended periods of time alone during the day having someone come by and play and/or exercise your pet is often a good way to avoid behavior problems and keep your pet happy. In some cases it could be as easy as having a neighborhood child come and play fetch with your dog.

Fortunately more and more pet services are available to assist individuals and their pets in this situation. For high-energy dogs, a sizable back yard or dog run can allow your dog to burn some excess energy. Training and toys may help to alleviate specific behavior problems. However, if a pet isnít receiving sufficient exercise and attention itís likely to cause problems. Providing your pet with some added attention from yourself or someone else frequently remedies a range of behavior problems and makes for a happier pet and owner.



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