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Helping your Dog Exercise.

A daily schedule which includes exercise will be very important for your dog's health in the long run. The younger the dog the more exercise he will need. You should first observe what activities appeal to your dog before setting up a exercise routine and a training schedule for him. The more attention you offer your dog during his exercising periods the better the dog feel because he is receiving encouragement and this will make his bond with you develop at a more rapid rate. Most dogs enjoy playing with other dogs too if that is an option.

A nice level of daily exercise will help your dog mature in a healthy way possibly even avoiding some health problems. Excercise even helps a dog's personality and behavior as they actually need excercise and attention. Inappropriate barking, digging, and chewing are often results of dog not receiving enough attaention and excercise. Daily excercise will redirect his energy in a more positive way. The level of excercise needed varies from dog to dog. Some mellow dogs will be okay with just routine walks. Dogs like Labradors, are high energy and often require much more excercise than just a walk.

Getting involved in your dog's running activities and play time will help the dog regard you as a pack member and in most cases as the pack leader. If your dog likes to play rough you should limit this behavior through proper training. He needs to learn what the limits are and you are there to teach him. This will make him a better canine citizen better suited to interacting with outher dogs and people.

Make exercise time a fun activity that your dog will love and look forward to. The dog needs to be aware of the fact that you are having fun and that you are enjoying his company so he will be encouraged do feel loved and appreciated in return. The bond between master and life companion will be strengthened even further this way. The exercises will prove to be great stimulants for the health of the alpha leader as well as for the dog. By taking your dog on daily exercising sessions your health will be improved as well, and both you and your dog will live healthier lives.

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