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Canine Athlete? Flyball, Agility and More.

Most dogs enjoy a simple game of fetch or a casual jog with its owner. It is a special breed of dog, however, that enjoys team sports. Flyball competitions offer relay races for the motivated dog; where teams of dogs race each other for the best time. A flyball course is a track consisting of a series of jumps leading to a box that releases a tennis ball for the dog to catch and retrieve in the shortest time possible.

Canine agility offers another option for your four-legged athlete. Agility competitions feature an obstacle course with a variety hoops, tunnels, jumps and more. As with flyball, the objective is to attain the fastest speed. This is an individual sport, however, not a team sport. Other events for the competitive dog include herding competitions that challenge the dog to round up sheep, ducks, or other designated animals. In these events the owner plays an integral part in the competition, giving his/her dog commands to follow during the herding process.

Sports for pets continues to grow in popularity. Dog owners interested in new activities may want to look into one of these sports. Local flyball and agility clubs are becoming more common. For flyball information online try, or for agility try - the United States Dog Agility Association site.



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