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Food for Thought.

A quality diet is the basis for good health in pets and people alike. Feeding your pet a quality diet can often help your pet live a happier healthier life, and the additional cost that comes with some quality foods is often offset by the reduced medical care that a pet will require throughout its lifetime. For many, choosing pet food is as simple as picking out a good food often recommend by a vet or other pet care professional. However, there are a few things to consider when thinking about the overall diet of your pet. One of the most common pitfalls for pet owners is over-feeding either food or treats. Family dogs, in particular, can often become quite skilled at going from one person to the next begging for an extra treat, or a bite of someone’s snack. While tempting, giving extra treats isn’t a healthy choice. Human food is especially bad for pets. Dairy, salt and sugar often found in these foods can cause an upset stomach or digestive troubles. A pet at a healthy weight will have a defined waistline. If your pet is getting a little wide cutting back on food and/or treats is recommended. Also be aware that as pets get older and their activity level drops the amount of food needed will also decrease.

Natural diets are also a good choice for pets. There is less of a strain of a pets system when there are less preservatives and fillers in a food. This becomes particularly important for sensitive pets. Some pets can have difficultly with digesting certain foods. Often quality natural foods remedy this problem. Also, more and more pets are developing allergies. While the allergy can be connected to any ingredient, often this situation is also remedied with a quality natural diet. A vet can also provide valuable information about what foods to choose if a pet has allergies or food sensitivities.

Finally, keep the water bowl filled. Pet foods don’t supply nearly enough moisture alone for pets. Simple enough in theory, a water bowl can often be overlooked as dog may knock his dish over or a cat may turn up his nose at day old water. These simple considerations can maintain or improve overall health.




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