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Fur's Flying.

Shedding is a common issue for pet owners during Spring and Summer. Some lucky pet owners manage to avoid this problem by choosing short haired or thin furred pet. While most pets with fur will shed to some extent, it can be extreme for some thick furred pets particularly in hot weather. (Be aware that if fur is coming out in a clump that is not shedding but most likely indicates a skin problem or other condition.)

Shedding can’t be completely stopped, but it can be managed. One of the simplest solutions is frequent brushing and grooming. For thick furred pets and particularly dogs with a double coat such as Golden Retrievers this is an excellent way to remove excess fur. Wipes can also be a helpful tool, particularly for cats that may not want to sit for a brushing, and also for excessive shedders who can benefit from a quick wipe down. Having a pet with a healthy skin and coat also helps in reducing the amount of fur shed. Often adding a supplement with Omega 3 fatty acids can improve skin and fur condition, which frequently leads to less shedding.

The next issue with shedding is how to clean it up. Fur on fabric can be tough to clean as it can cling due to static. Cat fur can be particularly tough as it is typically finer and can float through the air easier. While vacuuming is an obvious way to clean there are also products such as vacuum sprays that help fur come up easier. Also there are lint rollers, and fur removers that can help keep fur off of clothes and furniture. For allergy suffers shedding can be problematic as fur often contains the dander that triggers allergies. If allergies are an issue for you or a family member a Hepa filter may be a wise choice to help keep the air clean.



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