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How to Fix Dog Urine Stains On Your Green Grass

Over-the-Counter Pet Lawn Care / Dog Grass Burn Solutions


There is a variety of grass that you can use in order to withstand your dog’s urine burns. However, you may want to avoid all the hassle of digging up your yard and replanting it. Save yourself the time and the hassle and try watering it down.


Now for my Rottweilers, my grass is fescue. At first, it seemed as though it was relatively hardy -- until then I got my second dog, who loves urinating right after my first dog urinated within the same spot. So, it was as if there was a double dose of urine on the grass.


Instead of utilizing a different turf (the burnt grass is situated in one particular location while the rest of the yard is immaculate) the next best thing is to treat this problem by simply giving my dogs more fresh drinking water.


Tiny portions of concentrated urine kill grass quicker (and more effectively) than larger amounts of dilute urination. It is crucial to focus on changing your dog’s urine concentration instead of just trying to decrease nitrogen content by itself. Now, think about it, if your dog’s urine is diluted enough, it probably will not terminate the grass, and in very small concentrations, it may even fertilize your lawn.


How Do You Get Your Pet To Consume More Water?


This is actually the hardest part. Dog owner should provide their dog’s with fresh water in their bowls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, the difficult part is that most dogs only drink water when they need it.


So, to persuade your dog to drink a little more water, try flavoring his dog's water. Try using a low-sodium beef or chicken broth. You can even start encouraging your dog to drink more water by introducing it into his diet through his meals. Try feeding your pet canned foods that contain high water content. You can even try moistening your dog’s dry dog food with a little water. As a substitute, try a low-sodium broth till it is in a soupy form.


Watch The Salt in Water


Make sure you avoid adding any kind of salt substitutes or regular salt to your dog's food when you’re trying to encourage him to drink. Make sure you consult your dog’s vet before you switch your dog's diet significantly.


Make sure you are aware, that if your pet consumes more water, he will more than likely have to urinate more than usual. You may have to take more walks for bathroom breaks throughout the day when your dog starts drinking more water. Hopefully, these tips will help you minimize your yards urine burn dilemma.


Over-the-Counter Pet Lawn Care / Dog Grass Burn Solutions

Article written by Heather Mitts of Oh My Dog Supplies, check out our diverse collection of dog sofas online.



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