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Pet Grief.

Losing a pet is always a very difficult experience. This sadness affects the whole family including your other pets. Often a pet will form a very close bond with another pet, and grieves when that pet is gone. There is some debate about whether a pet experiences loss as a disruption in their pack or group, or if it is a loss similar to human's feel. In either case there is no debate that many animals exhibit signs of grief when a companion is gone. This generally lasts from one to six months.

Understanding your pet can help him through this time. Keeping your routine often helps with this adjustment as it provides a sense of stability for the pet. Also, giving your pet some extra attention can also be soothing. Understand that a pet in this situation may sleep more, and be less energetic than usual. Frequently, pets will search for their companion in familiar spots and may be confused by their disappearance. Some pets will even stop eating. If this occurs don't change their food because that will just upset their digestion. However, if it continues more than a day or two contact your vet. Also contact your vet if the grieving continues for more than six to eight months. Like people, pets need some time to adjust, but in time their behavior returns to normal.



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