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Special Grooming Issues.

Grooming is an essential part of keeping a pet healthy and happy. Basic grooming consists of brushing, and a check of eyes, ears, mouth and tail area. For many pet owners, particularly those with short haired or low-shed pets, this becomes an easy routine consisting of basic general care. However, some pets have special grooming and health considerations either specific to their breed or due to individual circumstances. Some special care and awareness can often help resolve or improve these issues.

Two of the main contributors to grooming difficulties are a heavy coat and moisture. As most people realize a thick coat usually requires additional grooming. Yet owners don’t always realize some of the common issues associated with thick coats. Thick coats often make a pet more susceptible to hot spots or skin infections. Particularly for dogs with double coats moisture gets trapped near the skin generating an infection. A collar can help spur this type of infection. Also, if a mat develops in the fur commonly a hot spot will develop underneath making an uncomfortable problem even more painful for a pet. Dogs that love to swim can frequently develop hot spots as getting a thick-furred dog completely dry is often a challenge. Finally, dogs with folds in their skin (such as Shar-peis) are also susceptible to hot spots and need their fold cleaned routinely to prevent this problem. Trimming ear hair is also helpful for long furred pets, as ear infections are more common for long haired pets as the fur will trap heat and moisture creating a perfect environment for infection.

Some special grooming considerations develop simply due to a particular pet’s sensitivities. Weepy or sensitive eyes need special care for some pets. Others have issues with their claws. Either the claw grows especially fast or the local terrain is particularly harsh requiring some extra attention to the paws. Trimming claws can be difficult with some pets, yet well trimmed claws can prevent a painful injury. Also, for owners with tile or hardwood floors, clipping claws can help reduce slips and falls. This is especially important care for senior dogs, as they are much more likely to injure themselves if they fall. Some special attention to a pet’s specific grooming requirements can help keep a pet in good health, and troublesome health problems can be avoided.



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