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Grooming Trouble Spots.

While good general care and grooming resolves most basic health problems, many dogs have a particular trouble spot that requires some special care. Skin issues are not uncommon in dogs. Often they are caused by wrinkles, as with a Sharpei, or by heavy coats, as with Golden Retrievers. Dogs with wrinkles need to have the wrinkles wiped off daily to ensure that moisture and bacteria don't build up and cause a hot spot or infection. Heavy coated dogs need frequent brushing. Fur mats and moisture build up can also result in a hot spot or infection. Also be aware that collars on thick furred dogs may cause skin irritations too. This can often be resolved by taking the collar off at night or when the dog comes indoors. For many dogs a common problem is ear infections. This occurs frequently with dogs that have furry floppy ears such as a Cocker Spaniel. With these dogs moisture gets caught in the ear providing good conditions for an infection. Keeping ears clean and dry usually prevents the onset of infection; although ear infections may become chronic with some dogs. Another trouble spot for some dogs is bad breath. Good dental care is usually the best remedy for this issue. Brushing your dogs' teeth along with a regular dental check up (usually included in a pets' yearly vet visit) reduces most breath issues. There are also toys, treats, and breath mints specifically designed to combat bad dog breath. Toenails are also troublesome for some dogs. Some dogs have fast growing nails that need to be trimmed frequently. Toenail injuries can be very painful for a dog, but most problems can be averted if the nails are kept at a proper length. Finally, certain dogs have problems with their tears staining their fur. This is due to an enzyme in their tears. While harmless to the dog most owners don't care for stains that appear on their dog's face. There are some products that attempt to reduce the stains, however, many find that keeping the fur under the eyes short along with frequently wiping off the tears is the best option. A lucky dog owner doesn't have any of these problems to deal with, but many owners have at least one of these issues to take care of. With a little extra effort most of these problems can be resolved keeping dog and owner happy.



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