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Halloween Pets.

Keep your pets happy and safe during Halloween. Here are a few recommendations to help ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. First, be careful with your candy. Candy is unhealthy for pets, especially chocolates. The candy wrappers can also be dangerous if ingested. Setting down a bowl or bag of candy may be an invitation for Fido to help himself. Alert kids to the dangers as they may think giving a pet candy is a nice treat and not realize the health risks.

It is wise to keep an eye on your pets around Halloween. Pranks on pets are rare, but not unheard of; particularly outdoor cats may be at greater risk during this time due to their symbolic connection to Halloween. They also have less protection than indoor pets. Be careful lighting jack o lanterns. This can be either a danger for your pet or a fire hazard for everyone. Wagging tails, curious cats, along with a variety of other pet accidents can lead to a pumpkin getting tipped over. Cats and kittens due to their size and ability to get into most places are especially at risk. Next, be considerate if putting a costume on your pet. Unless your pet is happy being dressed up let him stay naked. There are some dogs that are okay with costumes, and maybe even a few cats. Make sure costumes don’t restrict movement or vision, or impede breathing or the ability drink, bark, or meow. Also, be aware that a dog may chew on a costume so make sure there aren’t pieces that could be swallowed and cause problems. Finally, give your pet a quiet spot away from the trick-or-treaters. While some pets may like the activity, all the strangers can stress pets out and giving them a spot to retreat to can be very helpful. Also, be aware of pets that may bolt through an open door at this time. Depending on your pet’s personality keeping them in a different room at this time may be the wise choice. Also, make sure they have their ID tags on just in case.



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