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Special Needs Pets.

Veterinary care has improved greatly in recent years. Pet owners have treatment options that previously were unavailable. Significant medical conditions can often be dealt with effectively. Consequently, there are an increasing number of handicapped pets living healthy happy lives.

One of the most noticeable pet handicaps is a missing limb. This is typically one of the most manageable problems. While a dog or cat may need some extra attention particularly to ensure accessibility, three legged pets usually adapt rapidly to their situation, and learn how to use the limbs they have. Sometimes a pet will have an immobile limb, a problem with more than one limb, or another significant musculo-skeletal problem. Special braces, carts, or contraptions can sometimes be used in these cases to support a pet and make them more mobile.

Another somewhat common pet handicap is the loss of a sense such as sight or hearing. These too have become manageable problems in many pets. While a pet without sight will need extra help learning surroundings and how to deal with other people and pets, it usually can be managed. Similarly with deaf pets, they need to be taught visual commands instead of verbal commands. For both hearing and visually impaired pets there are specific safety concerns that warrant extra attention or guidance. However, these are frequently manageable situations.

Often these handicaps are brought about by age. Diseases such as arthritis, or cataracts tend to impair older pets. A variety of internal problems are more prevalent in older animals as well. Through diet and medication conditions such as heart, liver, and kidney problems are now often able to be treated reasonably well. Treatments for conditions such as cancer and seizures have become accessible and have become a more practical option. Unfortunately there are still many medical problems for pets that don’t have a good solution, but recent advances have improved pet care greatly. Consequently, many pets are able to live longer healthier happier lives even if medical issue arises.



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