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Happy Cat Instincts.

Some feline instincts can seem a bit strange if the reason behind them isn’t explained. As a cat owner it is always nice to be to have your cat greet you at the door by rubbing his cheek against your leg. However, one may question their cat’s devotion when he acts the same way towards your shoes, the rug, and the doorway. While rubbing against your legs is a greeting it is also a way for cats to spread their scent. This is a territorial instinct that helps mark items as theirs. Cats rely on scent much more than sight for identification. Shoes are a frequent target of rubbing as they have their owner’s scent on them making them the perfect place to rub. Cats in a group often rub against each other creating a group scent that marks them as a member, and consequently shows other cats of a different scent as intruders.

Besides purring, kneading is one of the clearest signs of a happy cat. However, it doesn’t always make for a happy owner due to sharp claws on skin. This rhythmic clawing stems from kittenhood as it occurred when a kitten nursed, and helped to increase the flow of milk. As adults it’s simply a sign of a happy cat. If possible, put down a towel or blanket to protect yourself from your cat’s claws and let him knead. Cats tend not to understand why you don’t want them kneading. It’s not likely to register that claws hurt, and if they’re happy why not let them be happy.





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