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The Healthy Pet Owner

Your cat or dog may not only be providing companionship, but may also be improving your health. Studies have shown that pet owners often have better health than people who don't own pets. A UCLA study showed that people with pets needed less care for stress related aches and pains. Also pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol than those without pets. Pet owners who were heart patients also tended to live longer than people without pets. 70% of families reported that they were happier and had more fun as a family after they acquired a pet. There are several possible reasons for pet owners improved health. The unconditional love and affection given by a pet can act as a stress reducer. Exercise associated with care for some animals, such as playing or walking your dog maybe helpful to your health. A pet's companionship also reduces people's feelings of loneliness and isolation and can help them feel needed and responsible. There also seems to be a relaxing quality associated with animals in general. Doctor's who have a fish tank in their office report their patients stress level is lower than when there wasn't a fish tank. The health benefits of pets have been employed in helping the elderly and very sick. Animals that visit nursing homes, or patients with cancer or AIDS help alleviate stress, bolster morale, and improve social interaction. It appears that when caring for your pet, your pet may also be caring for you.



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